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Update 2 [Apr. 20th, 2007|03:54 pm]
Sci-Fi Genre


Hello again all! Welcome to update #2. Here's the scoop:

This Week in Comics:


DC Comic's 52 series brings us closer to the finale with World War III: In 52, we follow the world's hero's quest to stop Black Adam from reducing every country to rubble. In the 4 part 1 shot comic World War III, we follow the Martian Manhunter's journy of self discovery as he tries to bring Black Adam to justice--with a little help from the JSA!

Justice League of America: The team is finally assembled, but some of the members are either green or a little rusty. Cue the Justice Society of America, the first and oldest superhero team, to come in and give the JLA some training! However, in the midst of all of this, a new mystery rears its head: Who are the other 5 people stuck in this time besides Starman and Karate Kid?

Nightwing's Annual Issue: Dick remembers the events between him and Barbara leading up to his departure to accompany Bruce on his journy of self re-discovery. Don't miss this opportunity to re-visit the romance of Nightwing and the original Batgirl!

Brave and the Bold #3: Follows Batman and Blue Beetle as they try to track down, and take down, the Fatal Five. Meanwhile, Supergirl is stuck on Ventura looking for a starguide and finds that the only guide that will help her....is about to be executed! Check it out to find out who!


Marvel Comics continues Mighty Avengers with issue #2
: Iron Man is in trouble! Can Carol Danvers and her team of Avengers, who just met each other for the first time a mere hour beforehand, help him before it's too late?

The Initiative continues with Omega Flight #1: Now that the Civil War has ended, super-powered criminals are being hunted once again. Fugitives in America, they have few places to run to....que Canada. Since the death of most of Alpha Flight's members, Canada is left without a super team to defend it. But, that won't be the case for long...

Marvel released the trade paperbacks covering Civil War: Amazing Spider-Man and Civil War: Thunderbolts: Check them out in order to get more depth to the main Civil War storyline!

The Loners kicks off: Are you tired of trying to save the world? Tired of supervillians knocking on your door? Tired of trying to keep your identity a secret? The why not join The Loners! They're a group of superheros trying to take off the cape and stay out of crimefighting. Check it out and see if they can kick "the habit" in this 6 issue mini-series.

This week in games:


World of Darkness: Mage the Awakening gets a new book: Intruders. This book covers the Abyss and its effects on the different planes of existance. It also covers several strange Abyssal entities and phenomena, including rules on how to send them back to the void they arose from.

Dungeons and Dragons Map Pack: City of Peril: Check out the new map pack for D&D that includes maps for above ground markets and city sections as well as below ground sewers and tunnels.

D&D Eberron: Eyes of the Lich Queen Mod: Another exciting mod for D&D's Eberron setting, this one takes place in a jungle where our adventurers are trying to get their hands on a mystical artifact called the Dragon's Eye. However, will the party be able to make it through with the Cloudreavers and the Emerald Claw hot on their heels? Check out this cool mod designed for characters of about 5th level!


Wizards' Dreamblade miniatures games presents its third expansion: Anvilborn! Dreamblade's new expansion includes new abilities like Mass Wound and Ambition, as well as the new type of mini: Anvilborn. They're powerful creatures that often move on their own each turn and they also have no aspect--which means they'll work in almost any warband! This set also continues Dreamblade's tradition of beautifully designed miniatures and also features its first mini with movable parts!


Well, that's all for this week's update. Stay tuned for more!

-Zachary Boyd
Assistant Manager
ScifiGenre Comics and Games