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Dominion: Intrigue Review

Dominion: Intrigue Board Game Expansion
by Jennifer

Score: 4.5 out of 5

25 new cards will keep Dominion fresh for even the most veteran player.

The Good

• Vicious new attacks take PVP to a whole new level
• With 50 cards in your combined arsenal, you will never play the same game twice
• Adds 5-6 player support that was lacking in the original game

The Bad

• Only one new Reaction card leaves players with little defense against attacks.

Dominion: Intrigue is a must-buy for anyone who enjoys Dominion. The game adds 25 new action cards to shake up your game, including powerful attacks like the Torturer (discard two or take a Curse!) and the Swindler (the active player gets to replace a card in your deck with another of the same value – bye-bye, Copper, hello, Curses). With the new actions, Curses play a bigger role in the game, which also revitalizes the Chapel, Remodel, and other cards whose primary role is to trash undesirables. 

The game also adds a new Reaction card, Secret Chamber. When an opponent plays an attack card, you can reveal Secret Chamber in order to draw two cards and then put two from your hand back on your deck in any order. While this is a cool new mechanic, it can slow down game play a lot, especially when there are a lot of attack cards going around. In addition, there are still only two Reaction cards, which means that there will likely be no defense against attacks in a random game. The Secret Chamber is low-cost like the Moat (3 compared to 2), so in a game where both of them are on the table, they are largely redundant. A wider discrepancy between the cards might have eliminated this. 

Intrigue includes enough Victory and Treasure cards to expand your original Dominion game to five or six players, which means you can stop making hard decisions about which of your board-gaming friends to throw off the island. While playable as a stand-alone game, it is not as well balanced as Dominion, and plays better as an addition to the base game. In the rules booklet, Rio Grande still recommends playing with only four to keep play moving; however, we have played several 6-player games and have not found them to be unduly slow.

Intrigue also includes an insert that will label which of your cards are in which slot, which is a must-needed addition to the original packaging. As in the base game, the rules are complete and specific; they handle all problematic card interactions clearly (including interactions with the original 25 cards), so there are no rules arguments during play. 

At $44.95 retail, Intrigue promises hours of good entertainment and revitalizes your original Dominion set. I recommend it for all fans of Dominion!
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GIANT Miniature Demo Day

We will have tables set up all day to demo miniatures games: some of them new, and some of them ready to be new again! Come on over, grab a snack, and check out a game you haven't played before. Demos will include:

Anima Tactics
Confrontation: Age of Rag'narok
Star Wars Miniatures
Warhammer Fantasy

We'll be starting at noon, so feel free to stop by anytime!
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Free Comic Book Day!

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the lack of update last week, but we've been kinda busy trying to gear up for....

Free Comic Book Day!

Yep. It's that time of year again. Stop by the shop this Saturday for some free comics and cool discounts! Here's the scoop:

-- Ok. You know of course we've got the free comics thing. All day. Can you say awesome?

-- In addition to that, we're going to have a 25% discount on all non-free comics, trade paperbacks, and action figures. All day.

-- During the lunchtime, we're going to have snacks and drinks! Woo hoo!

-- And the big news, some members of the Imperial 501st Legion are stopping by the store in full costume...Meaning, you'll get the opportunity to get your picture taken with a Stormtrooper!

So, stop on by. There's sure to be fun going on all day. And while we're on the subject, some big comic releases this week....


They all knew it would come one day....and that day is upon them. Get ready for....World War Hulk!


From the ashes of  52 comes a new struggle in DC's COUNTDOWN

That's the word everyone. Take care.

Zachary Boyd
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ScifiGenre Comics & Games

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Update 2

Hello again all! Welcome to update #2. Here's the scoop:

This Week in Comics:


DC Comic's 52 series brings us closer to the finale with World War III: In 52, we follow the world's hero's quest to stop Black Adam from reducing every country to rubble. In the 4 part 1 shot comic World War III, we follow the Martian Manhunter's journy of self discovery as he tries to bring Black Adam to justice--with a little help from the JSA!

Justice League of America: The team is finally assembled, but some of the members are either green or a little rusty. Cue the Justice Society of America, the first and oldest superhero team, to come in and give the JLA some training! However, in the midst of all of this, a new mystery rears its head: Who are the other 5 people stuck in this time besides Starman and Karate Kid?

Nightwing's Annual Issue: Dick remembers the events between him and Barbara leading up to his departure to accompany Bruce on his journy of self re-discovery. Don't miss this opportunity to re-visit the romance of Nightwing and the original Batgirl!

Brave and the Bold #3: Follows Batman and Blue Beetle as they try to track down, and take down, the Fatal Five. Meanwhile, Supergirl is stuck on Ventura looking for a starguide and finds that the only guide that will help about to be executed! Check it out to find out who!


Marvel Comics continues Mighty Avengers with issue #2
: Iron Man is in trouble! Can Carol Danvers and her team of Avengers, who just met each other for the first time a mere hour beforehand, help him before it's too late?

The Initiative continues with Omega Flight #1: Now that the Civil War has ended, super-powered criminals are being hunted once again. Fugitives in America, they have few places to run to....que Canada. Since the death of most of Alpha Flight's members, Canada is left without a super team to defend it. But, that won't be the case for long...

Marvel released the trade paperbacks covering Civil War: Amazing Spider-Man and Civil War: Thunderbolts: Check them out in order to get more depth to the main Civil War storyline!

The Loners kicks off: Are you tired of trying to save the world? Tired of supervillians knocking on your door? Tired of trying to keep your identity a secret? The why not join The Loners! They're a group of superheros trying to take off the cape and stay out of crimefighting. Check it out and see if they can kick "the habit" in this 6 issue mini-series.

This week in games:


World of Darkness: Mage the Awakening gets a new book: Intruders. This book covers the Abyss and its effects on the different planes of existance. It also covers several strange Abyssal entities and phenomena, including rules on how to send them back to the void they arose from.

Dungeons and Dragons Map Pack: City of Peril: Check out the new map pack for D&D that includes maps for above ground markets and city sections as well as below ground sewers and tunnels.

D&D Eberron: Eyes of the Lich Queen Mod: Another exciting mod for D&D's Eberron setting, this one takes place in a jungle where our adventurers are trying to get their hands on a mystical artifact called the Dragon's Eye. However, will the party be able to make it through with the Cloudreavers and the Emerald Claw hot on their heels? Check out this cool mod designed for characters of about 5th level!


Wizards' Dreamblade miniatures games presents its third expansion: Anvilborn! Dreamblade's new expansion includes new abilities like Mass Wound and Ambition, as well as the new type of mini: Anvilborn. They're powerful creatures that often move on their own each turn and they also have no aspect--which means they'll work in almost any warband! This set also continues Dreamblade's tradition of beautifully designed miniatures and also features its first mini with movable parts!


Well, that's all for this week's update. Stay tuned for more!

-Zachary Boyd
Assistant Manager
ScifiGenre Comics and Games

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Hello everyone! It's time for (hopefully) the first of many updates to this little section. I'll try to take a little time out of my day each week and talk about some of our upcoming events as well as new releases and other in store stuffs. So, let's start off with the weekly lineup:

Monday: Community Board Game Night

Tuesday: Wargames Night (mainly Warhammer 40K)

Wednesday: Other Miniatures Night (Heroclix, Star Wars Minis, D&D Minis, Babylon 5)

Thursday: RPGA Night

Magic the Gathering Tournament and Naruto CCG Tournament

Saturday: Dreamblade Tournament and Special Events

Sunday: Fullmetal Alchemist CCG Tournament

Well that's all for now folks. Hopefully I'll be able to throw in some more details next time. We've got some fun projects in the works (like a podcast for example), so stay tuned!

-Zachary Boyd
Assistant Manager
ScifiGenre Comics and Games

Sci-Fi Genre Grand Opening

Wondering what's been going on in your favorite comic book universe? Looking for that rare action figure, gaming book, or that final piece to complete your 2000 point army? Need someplace to take the kids this upcoming Saturday Morning? Well, you're in luck, because there's a new store in town -- more specifically, a 3000 square-foot comic and gaming store conveniently located in west Durham. With the on-site warehouse and coverage of everything from the mainstream to the indy/obscure, if you're looking for it, they've got it there.

Click the pic to visit the online store for directions and a calendar of events

Sci-Fi Genre is having a Grand Opening Extravaganza this Saturday, July 29th, beginning at 11:00 a.m. There will be free refreshments, door prizes, giveaways, and games dealers set up to demonstrate new games and exhibit new wares. If this is your sort of thing, you aren't going to want to miss this event -- Can't wait to see you there!

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